Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Feeling Confident In My Skin

 Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!  I wanted to share a few of these pictures and tell you about how confident I have been with my skin in the last month.  As you all know from my recent post that I have been using Rodan and Fields twice a day for the last 5 weeks now. I am going to share a few pictures when I went to the driving range and I wore absolutely no makeup.  I will post everything that I have been using. 
 the picture below is back in 2016 with foundation and the after is now with no makeup.
click the links for the products that I have been using.REDEFINE AMP It Up
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rodan and Fields before and after one month

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, today I would like to share with you my journey with Rodan and Fields skincare.  My concerns were redness, fine lines, dry skin with dry patches, lost of firmness, dark circles, and not feeling confident without wearing foundation, powder, concealer, blush, etc.  I have been using Rodan and Fields for one month.  Take a look at my transformation so far 
                                                                           3 weeks
                                                                         3 weeks
4 weeks, using Redefine regimen, including the derma roller, renewing serum, active hydration serum, active hydration bright eye complex, redefine multi function eye cream, and lip renewing serum.  My dry skin is completely gone, my redness is gone.  I can go out without any makeup, which I have never ever done before. 
I have only been using the lip serum, eye creams and active hydration serum for only one week and noticed a huge difference using those.  I have started using the lash boost 4 days ago, and have lash extensions at the moment.  I have noticed I have not lost one lash since I have been using it.  I usually loose 2 or 3 a day.  More to come on the lash boost.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

June Favorites

 Good morning beauties, today I'm sharing all my favorite beauty products I'm loving for June
 I am loving all of Rodan and Fields products, this lip serum has been my absolute favorite at night.  I have super dry and peeling lips.  I apply this on on lips at night, and its put so much moisture and it has helped with the peeling of my lips, also it has given me some plump.  Loving this so far.  click here to order here
 the Blonde Ale brightening shampoo has been a life saver, I use this every other wash, its far one of the best blonde purple shampoo I have used. Its also an amazing smell, and it leaves my hair very bright and shiny.
 the Luminous shine Mist by Bamboo shine.  This really makes your hair shiny and smooth, I use this after I blow dry and straighten my hair.
 My all time favorite thermal protectant spray by Joico.  I love the smell and it really makes my hair soft.
ohhh hydration all night.  Thumbs up on this 100%  This is the Active Hydration Serum.  I use this at night .  I apply this after I use the dermaroller. 8 hours of hydration and also helps with my dry patches I get on my forehead and the bridge of my nose.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  please leave a comment if you have any questions

xo, Robin

Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Everyday Skincare Routine

 Okay y’all – my long-awaited and highly requested skincare routine blog post is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited to share! I would encourage you to grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine depending on the time of day) and get comfy, because it’s a long one! I love talking skincare and I’m going to go pretty in detail about my everyday skincare routine to hopefully answer ALL of your questions! I have been using Rodan and Fields for 3 weeks now, and I am loving the amazing results it has giving me so far.  I have always had really dry skin, especially after I got diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that effects my skin.  I have tried every product on the shelve and I could never get the results that I wanted or needed.  So I am going to take you step by step on what I use on a daily basis. I use Soothe regimen in the Am.  this helps with redness, dryness and sensitivity.
 Step 1 Sooth and Gentle Cream Wash. Gently Washes away impurities leaving behind ceramides that help nurture the skins barrier.

 since I have dry skin I don't wash it off with water, I take a gauze pad and just wipe it off
 Step 2 soothe sensitive skin treatment.  this relieves dry chapped skin with RFp3 peptide technology .  this helps with the redness too.  (which I had a lot of)
 Step 3 Moisturize Well our skin gets thirsty, so we need to moisturize .  This helps smooth and nourish
 Step 4 Protect we all need some kind of sunscreen when we step out the door to protect our skin from the damaging sun rays.  This has 30 SPF. 
 This has been my holy grail products.  I have noticed a huge difference adding this to my regimen every morning and night.  I use the Active Hydration bright eye cream underneath my eyes, this helps with puffy eyes and dark circles. next I use the redefine multi function eye cream, this helps with minimizing the appearance of fine lines and expression lines.  I apply that along the outer part of my eye and underneath the brow bone.               

This is what I use before bed this is the Redefine Regimen. This helps with the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness

 Step 1 clay cleansing mask that draws impurities from your pores.  Make sure you take off any makeup with a makeup remover wipe, then I went my face just a little and apply a thin layer all over my face and neck avoiding the eye area, you can also use this on the top of your hands.  Leave on for 2 minutes.  Usually I brush and floss my teeth while I'm waiting.  Then I rinse it off, make sure you rinse it all the way off, you don't want any residue left on. then I pat my face dry, do not rub dry.
 step 2 Tone Exfoliates pore clogging, dead skin cells while helping making those pores small and unnoticeable. I take a small amount on a gauze pad and rub on entire face and neck
 OH my this one is my favorite.  The magic derma roller.  This has 192 sterile needles, after I tone I rolly all over my face and neck targeting the lines.  This helps with visibly firm skin.
 After I roll I use this:  The active hydration serum, this helps maintain moisture in your skin for about 8 hours.  I just started using this and this is by far one of my favorite, since I have the dry skin its been amazing.
 Next step is the intensive renewing serum.  This has retinal technology that helps with smoother and firmer looking skin.
 Next I use the overnight restorative cream, which helps with restoring the natural moisturizing while you sleep
 then I follow using the eye creams
I don't know about you but my lips get super dry at night. This lip serum has made my lips very moisturized and helps with the lines around the lips.  Love this stuff

I just started using the lash boost, I have been wearing lash extensions for about 3 years and want my natural lashes back, but I also want the look of the lash extensions.  I will do a review on this products very soon.  That wraps it up, hope you enjoyed this post.  Remember if you have any questions  please feel free to leave a comment.  If you are interested in ordering or just taking the free skincare consultation quiz click here

                                                                           xo, Robin

Friday, June 22, 2018

I'm A Rodan+Fields Beauty Consultant

 The day has finally come to share my BIG announcement. I have started my own business with 💙Rodan+Fields💙. Traveling has always been a passion for Nabil and I, and I wanted an extra income to do all the fun things we enjoy together as a couple. So I took a step into my next journey in life . I also wanted to help people out there with acne, aging, and some that are going through skin conditions due to autoimmune disease (such as I am going through). 💙 I believe everyone should have the skin that they feel confident in. I would also love to help find ways to make this awesome business work for you. Dream BIG , the possibilities are ENDLESS 💙 #rodanandfields #dreambig
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