Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Skincare Routine at Age 40

 I swear by this face wash, one of the best I have ever used, does not leave your face dry after use.  You can get it  here
 I use this about once a week, and I am obsessed with it, leaves your face feels very smooth.  you can get it  here
 Nerium is by far my favorite anti aging product.  It tightens, and vanishes your fine lines away.  Better than Botox, you can get it here
 I put this on every morning before I apply my foundation.  Leaves my skin feeling non greasy.  You can get this at any drugstore
I apply this to my face every evening before bed, and rinse it off before I apply my daily moisturizer and foundation.  I have noticed since I have been using this that the redness in my skin has gone away.  it also tightens your skin.. Don't forget to apply it on the neck ladies.  You can read about Nerium products here

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